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Stories of others like you
that have been there and
have survived sticky situations!


Butterfly crazy - Los Angeles, CA

I have been absolutely crazy about butterflies since I was six years old. When I found bra straps with butterflies on them on the web I flipped out! They come in different colors and they look amazing with whatever I wear them with. My friends think I'm weird, but I don't care, because everybody else at school thinks that they're cool. I only hope that I can find them in even more colors!! :-)



All that glitters is blue - Tampa, FL

Let me start by saying that I'm 62 years old and felt that I had no need to ever show my bra straps, because I was raised to always keep them covered. Besides, how silly would I look trying to act like I was half my age? My mind may still be young, but my body left a long time ago. However, an invitation to a recent wedding opened my eyes to the benefits of letting my bra straps show. I own a really nice blue sparkly formal dress that fits me well and actually makes a half way reasonable attempt at complimenting my figure, such that it is. It has sleeves that tend to slide off my shoulder a bit though, which exposes my bra straps. I usually wear a black bra, and spend the evening constantly tugging my sleeves up in a never ending battle between gravity and not so stretchy fabric. A week or so before the wedding my sixteen year old niece came over wearing a pair of clear bra straps with some sort of blue sparkle crystals floating around in liquid. I made a joke that they would be perfect for my dress, and to my chagrin, she immediately removed them and insisted that I try them on with the dress. I protested, but she wasn't going to listen, so I finally tried them on just to shut her up. In a million years, I never would have guessed it, but wouldn't you know that those straps matched my dress perfectly, and made my shoulders sparkle just as much as the rest of me. At this point I had a full plate of crow in front of me to eat, so I asked her ever so casually if I could borrow them the night of the wedding. After fifteen minutes of laughter and jokes, all of which referenced me in less than a perfect light, she agreed. The night of the wedding my confidence had waned somewhat, and I put the straps on with some hesitation of what people would think of the old lady with the "sparkly straps". Well, you just couldn't begin to believe all of the nice things people said to me that night, and even my husband told me that he hadn't seen me look that elegant in years (he'll be paying for that for some time to come). After that night I tried to raid my niece's bedroom to see what else she might have, but she told me that from now on I have to buy my own bra straps.


Tank top junkie! - Santa Ana, CA

I am a tank top junkie, and avoid sleeves all summer long if possible. The only problem is that regular bras look bad because usually the straps don’t match. I found a web site on the Internet that sells these really cool thin bra straps made out of a stretchy fabric with beads in a ton of colors, and I bought them all so that I would always have matching straps. My friends freaked out when they saw how cool the beads were, and wanted to borrow mine, but I told them to go get their own. Thanks guys!



My boyfriend's dinner party - Fairfax, VA

I never really thought much about using clear bra straps with a strapless bra until one night recently when my boyfriend asked me to accompany him to a dinner party that his boss was hosting. I wanted to look really nice, so I went to the mall and came home with a gorgeous DKNY spaghetti strap cocktail dress. I was wearing a regular smooth cup bra at the time I tried on the dress in the store, and I just slipped the straps around my shoulders to see what it would look like if I were wearing a strapless bra. I didn’t put the dress on again until the night of the party two days later. This time, I was wearing my strapless bra, as I did not want straps to show. However, when I looked in the mirror, the fabric of the dress was pulling the bra down somewhat, and it made my chest look terrible. Without the support of the bra straps, the bra made my chest sag down like I was an old woman! Desperate for a solution, I called my friend Joan, who said that she had an idea and would be right over. Joan appeared at my front door twenty minutes later, just five minutes before my boyfriend was supposed to pick me up. When I asked her in a near panic what she had in mind, she reached in her pocket and produced a set of clear bra straps, which were quickly fastened to my strapless bra. I was skeptical that they would look good, but I was also desperate. After a little adjusting I had the right fit, and my chest returned to a much more desirable looking position. When I looked into the mirror, I quickly noticed that the straps just seemed to disappear on my shoulders. With no time to spare, the doorbell announced the arrival of my boyfriend, and we were off to the party. It wasn’t until three days later when I returned the straps that I asked Joan where I could buy some, and she told me about the Bra Straps.com web site. Now I have several pairs of different styles, including fabric straps in multiple colors, as well as clear straps. Now I’m ready for any occasion!



Bra straps that matched my jewelry - Dallas, TX

My husband and I attended an art gallery opening party last month, and the dress code was formal. I’ve seen the clear bra straps around (I have a 20 year old daughter who has some interesting straps), but I never considered wearing them before. The night of the opening my daughter came into my room while I was getting ready and saw the black off the shoulder velvet dress that I was wearing with a diamond necklace and matching bracelet. She told me that she had the perfect accessory and ran into her room, returning minutes later with a pair of clear bra straps with round rhinestones that looked like tiny diamonds. I was wearing a strapless bra that looked just fine, but she made me put the straps on the bra “just to see how it looks.” When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how great the straps looked. The rhinestones matched my necklace and bracelet perfectly, and brought attention to a part of my body that normally doesn’t get much. I have to say that I wouldn’t have believed that they would look good, and my daughter and I may have just actually agreed on fashion advise for the first time.


Wedding Gown Trick - Atlanta, GA

I’m not big on writing, but I will say that when I got married last month I was happy to have a pair of clear straps to wear with my wedding gown. Without them, I would have had to wear a regular bra with my straps showing, which looked tacky. I’m not built for strapless bras for some reason, so I needed to do something, and the woman at the bridal store suggested these super thin clear bra straps as a solution. The store didn’t sell them, but she had seen them on your web site, which she wrote down. I held off on buying the dress until I received the straps I ordered, and that did the trick!



A rose by any other name... - Miami, FL

I bought a pair of clear straps with pink fabric flowers on them awhile ago, but didn't actually wear them until recently, when I decided to wear a dressy pink tank top to work. To be honest, I was skeptical that the straps would look good with the top, as I was afraid that the flowers might overpower the look of the top. It was a Friday, though, and I was feeling adventurous, so I decided to give them a try. Much to my amazement, the straps looked beautiful! They looked so good, in fact, that I didn't even need to wear a necklace with the outfit. That's saying a lot because I am a confirmed jewelry fan. All day long at work I got constant looks and compliments on my straps, and my roses became the source of pickup lines from men later that night at a local restaurant. I never thought bra straps would be bring me so much attention, but I'll take it!


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