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Conditions of use

Shop for clear-invisible and color shoulder straps

1. Plain transparent bra straps:
Clear bra straps
Thin clear bra straps

2. Beaded bra straps:
Beads with clear bra straps
Beads with color bra straps

4. Butterfly bra straps:
Butterflies on clear bra straps

3. Color bra straps:
Thin spaghetti color bra straps
Regular width color bra straps

5. Flower bra straps:
Daisies on clear bra straps
Roses on clear bra straps

6. Glitter bra straps:
Glitter on clear bra straps

7. Rhinestone bra straps:
Crystals on clear bra straps
Daisies on clear bra straps

8. Liquid filled bra straps:
Glow in the dark stars on clear bra straps
Silver iridescent stars on clear bra straps

Glitter on clear bra straps

9. Signature Collection bra straps:
Diamond Heart
Pearls on clear bra straps

10. Headbands:
Bra strap headbands

11. Accessories:

12. Charity:
Connie Breast Cancer Foundation

Strap Talk
Bra strap news
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Bra strap comments

Strap TV
The Straplorette - Help your top find it's matching bra strap!
Strap Police - Helping to keep unsightly straps out of sight
Strap Paparazzi - Celebrities wearing bra straps
Strap Survivor - Tales from the fashion front

Fashion Advisor
Frequently asked questions about bra straps
Bra strap emergency: Ask the experts

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